A-Z Office Resource Hosts WPF Mini Vendor Tradeshow

At Knoxville, TN-based A-Z Office Resource, some 30 members of the sales and design team have a much better understanding of how their membership in Workplace Furnishings can help them both sell more and generate more bottom line profit dollars after attending a recent WPF vendor mini-tradeshow at their dealership.

The event was modeled on the popular one-on-one sessions that have long been a part of the WPF annual meeting. Working in teams of three, participating dealer sales people and designers at A-Z met with seven different WPF manufacturers for 20 minutes each to learn about their new products and promotions.

Also on the program: a presentation by WPF president and CEO Greg Nemchick on the Budget Builder, an exclusive new online tool from WPF to help its dealers grow project value by adding ancillary products such as artwork, recycling systems, sound masking and more to basic project elements such as seating, workstations, filing, etc.

“Most sales people generally hate meetings of any kind, but I got some very positive feedback from our team,” reports Tracy Cody, who heads up A-Z’s office furniture efforts and who coordinated the event.

Timing for the event could not have been better for A-Z. “Our office furniture business right now is bursting at the seams,” says Tracy. “Sales are up nearly 20% and our gross profit margin is up 25%.”

Workplace Furnishings, says Tracy, has been making an important contribution to A-Z’s profit picture. “If we weren’t part of WPF and able to buy the right way, our margins simply would not be as good as they are,” he points out.

And that’s just one of the ways WPF is helping to strengthen A-Z’s strong office furniture position.

“For our dealership, membership in WPF is very much worth the small amount of money that’s required to belong,” says Tracy. “WPF is genuinely committed to our success and to the success of their dealer members overall—and that’s not something you can always expect to find these days.”

To learn more about the WPF mini vendor tradeshow program or to schedule one for your own dealership, contact WPF president and CEO Greg Nemchick (Email: gnemchick@workplacefurn.com; Phone: 724-771-1452).


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