Plan Now to Be Part of Our 2017 Annual Conference April 2-5 in San Antonio

The planning has been detailed and intense and now we are ready to introduce the keynote speakers for WPF’s Annual Conference in San Antonio, April 2-5, 2017.

Every year as we develop the format and content of our next conference we strive to outperform the past year and I’m proud to say that the WPF staff is well on our way to accomplishing this goal.
Here is a brief preview of our two keynote speakers. Please read the articles elsewhere in this issue for more detailed information on both Leigh and Tim and a preview of the keen insights and intelligence they will be providing.
Leigh Stringer is the author of two best-selling books, The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies that Benefit Employees, the Environment and the Bottom Line and The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees – and Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line.
Leigh is currently collaborating with Harvard University’s School of Public Health, the Center for Active Design in New York, the International Facility Management Association and the AIA DC Chapter on Health and Well-being to create new tools to help improve our well-being at work.
Leigh will help all of us better understand the role of workplace design, its impact on the human body and how we can help our clients create environments that provide a more productive atmosphere and actually help users become healthier. This is one speaker that no one should miss. Her presentation will offer a compass that will point us to where we can direct our sales teams to capture business with a more meaningful, comprehensive and relevant message that will resonate with our customers.
Tim Wackel, a sales and sales management expert who has been providing effective sales leadership to a broad range of organizations for over 25 years, will present The Monday morning keynote talk.
Tim is one of today’s most popular sales speakers and with good reason! He makes information entertaining, memorable and easy to understand.
The practical, real-world guidance he offers is based a powerful combination of more than 25 years of successful sales leadership with specific client research on sales and sales management best practices.
You’ll find Tim’s keynote insightful, engaging and focused on providing real world success strategies that you can take back and implement to help strengthen your dealership right away.
Tim’s keynote will begin the conference and head us right into our theme:  “It’s about time.”

Most every dealer that I speak with tells me that they “are deep into it”, “underwater” or “buried” and I can go on and on with words that reflect being overwhelmed with the amount of work that needs to be done and the stress and burden of never having enough time to do it all.

At our 2017 Conference, we will address this challenge with the help of experts who will give us the tools to manage our time and provide us—or in some cases remind us—of the best practices to keep our focus on the prize.
Tim will also be conducting the sales training track at the Workplace Furnishings conference, delivering outstanding value to those members of your sales team you choose to bring with you.
If you’ve already attended a WPF conference, you’ll know what to expect. Attendees tell us time and time again they find it the best and most informative meeting for dealers in the office furniture industry they know of.

If you have not yet taken advantage of the opportunity—both for you as an owner-manager or for one or two of your sales team—I can assure you that you are missing an outstanding educational event that is second to none.

More information regarding the agenda will be coming your way over the next few months with additional messages and embedded videos that provide more details about the valuable events in store. Meanwhile, if you have any questions about the Conference—or indeed about any element of the WPF value proposition for dealers—please feel free to give me a call at 724-771-1452 to discuss.
And if you would like to hear from past attendees for their personal recommendation, also just ask and I will be happy to put you in touch with a member, so you can hear firsthand from the customers about the value of participating.

In addition to our annual conference, plenty of other positive things are happening at WPF today, including new dealer members, new manufacturing partners and a great new high-tech marketing piece, the WPF Product Portfolio. 

This exciting new sales generator utilizes Augmented Reality to bring a printed piece to life. With the use of a smart phone or tablet, you or your end-user can scan a printed page and link directly to the manufacturer’s web site, product PDFs or product videos to learn more.

It’s an outstanding use of technology to take customer engagement to the next level and we’re very excited about the potential this new tool, exclusive to WPF, offers our members.

Please enjoy the rest of the content in this edition of our newsletter and thank you, as always, for your support!


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