Lesro Goes Green to Find Green As Sales Momentum Grows

At Lesro Industries, a WPF partner, a commitment to sustainability and environmentally-responsible policies and procedures has been part of the corporate DNA since the company first opened for business back in 1973.

Lesro’s raw materials purchasing and manufacturing operations are configured to minimize waste, lower VOC and CO2 emissions and reduce the amount of petrochemicals and related greenhouse gases, while its ready-to-assemble product construction and packaging keeps down shipping volume, reducing transportation-related CO2 emissions by 66%.

Recently, Lesro took its commitment to the environment to a whole new level, with the installation of a solar panel system that today provides 100% of the electricity used to power the company’s headquarters operations in Bloomfield, CT.

An array of 3,200 panels, installed on the company’s roof generates enough power to support a 270,000 square foot production facility and offices for Lesro’s 100-plus employees, reducing the carbon footprint and minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. (To learn more about Lesro’s commitment to an eco-friendly operation, visit www.lesro.com).

Remarkable as those numbers may be, the benefits of the switch to solar are just as Impressive on the dollars and cents front, says Lesro president Jerry Leshem.

Moving to solar power is already generating 15-20% savings in energy costs,” Leshem reports. “We’re not only doing the right thing for the environment but we’re also saving money,” he says happily.

And, Leshem points out, the move to solar promises to bring even more good things to Lesro’s bottom line going forward. “Pricing on some of the other forms of energy has been very volatile in recent years and we don’t see that pattern changing any time soon,” Leshem says. “With solar, it’s no exaggeration to say we know almost exactly what our power is going to cost us five years from now and that’s a huge plus for the company on several levels.”

The good news for Leshem and his team is that if current market trends continue, they’re going to need every kilowatt of solar power and then some, in order to keep up with growing demand for Lesro’s products.

Business has been very strong of late, with the company’s dealer business leading the charge, reports sales manager Dan O’Malley.

Driving the growth, says O’Malley, is a combination of factors that promise to keep momentum strong and well ahead of overall industry sales trends for the foreseeable future.

Working with the QDesign organization, Lesro has invested heavily in new product development in recent years, with a stream of value-priced, design-oriented introductions that has significantly expanded the company’s product line and served to position it as a true market leader in reception area seating and beyond.

Recent introductions include Concord—Lesro’s first entry in the rapidly emerging café-based collaborative space—and Avon, due for release early next year, that features reception area seating with matching benches and occasional tables, as well as collaborative café seating and tables.

The timing on Lesro’s line expansion, contends O’Malley, could not have been better. “There isn’t a segment of the economy that hasn’t experienced consolidation in one way or another and that is generating major new demand for the kind of value proposition Lesro offers,” he points out.

Consolidation, says O’Malley, creates new and larger organizations that are looking for distinctive, quality workspace design to support their overall branding efforts. At the same time, though, the cost of consolidation leaves those organizations challenged for capital and searching for value. And that, he says, makes the Lesro offering particularly appealing.

Healthcare—where consolidation is rampant from hospitals and acute care facilities to local and regional practice management companies—has been a particularly strong market for Lesro of late, but so has higher education, automotive service chains and similarly rapidly consolidating market sectors.

“This new consolidating business environment has put a premium on product that combines a strong design element with an attractive value-driven price point and that’s exactly what Lesro offers today,” O’Malley explains. “The result: We’re no longer viewed as an alternative for when budgets are tight; budgets are always tight these days and that has made Lesro the starting point for a growing number of customers and prospects.”

The demand for Lesro product that the current wave of consolidation is generating represents a huge growth opportunity for WPF dealers,” O’Malley contends.

“The WPF-Lesro relationship is strong today and it’s only going to get stronger going forward,” he maintains. “For Lesro and for WPF’s dealers both, it’s very much a case of being in the right place with the right products at the right time and as the WPF-Lesro partnership deepens, it’s going to mean some significant sales growth for both sides of the equation.”

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