Greg Nemchick

President and CEO
WorkPlace Furnishings, Inc.

In my travels around the country and from my visits with several of the nation’s leading distribution resources, Supply Chain Management and the drive towards lower unit costs appear to be among the hot topics of today.  What does all that mean for our members and how does the Supply Chain Management process impact our office furniture dealerships? read more

Timeless Design and Product Quality-All Made in the USA

It’s been a busy couple of months for WPF supplier partner Patrician Furniture. After an extremely successful NeoCon, which saw the introduction of several significant new product lines, the High Point, NC-based manufacturer has been working hard to keep the momentum going with the launch of powerful new marketing tools and a stepped up presence... read more

Where Product Quality, Superior Design and World-Class Service Create a Winning Combination

Chances are there isn’t a dealer out there who doesn’t have at least one or two accounts in the higher education market. But even if you’re pretty happy with your own higher ed business these days, is it really all that it could be? read more

High-Margin Add-On Sales Made Easy

It’s a basic fact of business life: Your best prospects for new business are your existing customers. They know you and they trust you and if you’re not taking advantage of every opportunity to maximize their value, you’re doing yourself and your dealership a big disservice. That’s why, at WorkPlace Furnishings... read more


Scott Rice, Lenexa, KS

After more than 30 years in the office furniture business, there’s one thing Steve Jobe knows about running a dealership: If you can’t or won’t change, you won’t be around for very long. read more

The Power of "I don't know"

by Valerie Atkin

When you were in school, were you rewarded for: 1) The right answer, 2) Seeing what answers the other kids had, or 3) Saying “I don’t know” read more

HireSmart Takes Recruiting to the Next Level for WPF Dealer WorkSquared

Hiring new people is not only one of the most critical tasks for any dealer manager. It can also be one of the most time-consuming. If you’ve ever spent an afternoon sifting through a pile of resumes for a salesperson or a designer, that’s probably something you already know. They all look good on paper but after you’ve narrowed down the choices to read more


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